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Mission Statement

Oregon Sustainable Beekeepers (OSB), is a group of concerned beekeepers and supporters dedicated to the preservation and conservation of beneficial insect pollinators. OSB is dedicated to the challenging enterprise of keeping bees healthy through methods in tune with nature. Through community outreach promoting natural beekeeping methods, improving genetic diversity and encouraging the cultivation of pollinator friendly habitat we strive to make a difference toward a sustainable future.

Honeybees are the most beneficial insect known to mankind and have been in a partnership with the natural world for untold millenniums supplying much needed pollen transfer that so much of the plant world depends on for reproduction. Honeybees and the myriad of other pollinators are crucial to the continuance of life as we know it. They help create the web of life. Over the recent past honeybees and other pollinators have been in serious decline and suffering from natural and unnatural causes. Imported diseases and parasites, careless pesticide use, loss of habitat and poor management practices to name a few have all contributed to heavy yearly losses. Our dedication of keeping bees healthy is not just for the sake of human being’s great need for agricultural pollination and food production but honeybees are a very important and intimate part of nature and have value in themselves that may not be obvious at first glance. Honeybees have significant value for the life of our world and all of the beings living upon it. We believe that the current unsustainable level of over 30% average yearly honeybee colony death rate can be turned around with education, hard work and a little imagination.

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  1. October 8, 2013 8:50 am

    All Oregon Sustainable Beekeepers are invited to “A Night of Bliss” November 9th at the UUCE(13th & Chambers) in Eugene. Endless Coconut Bliss Sundaes, food, music and 100% of money raised will be split between Beyond Toxics (fighting to stop use of neonics in Oregon) and The School Garden Project. This is an awesome community celebration!

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