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Beekeepers – Participate in Bee Informed Survey

March 17, 2012

The Bee Informed Partnership is an extension project that endeavors to decrease the number of managed honey bee colonies that die over the winter

Since the winter of 2006 – 2007, overwintering colonies in the US have died in large numbers. Affected beekeepers span the entire spectrum of the industry: migratory beekeepers to stationary beekeepers; and commercial beekeepers, part-time beekeepers, to backyard beekeepers. Migratory and stationary beekeepers alike have, on average, lost 30% or more of their overwintering colonies over the last several years. These losses are unsustainable. If they continue, they threaten not only the livelihoods of beekeepers who manage bees, but the livelihood of farmers who require bees to pollinate their crops.

But there is good news! Not all beekeepers are losing 30% or more of their hives each winter. About a quarter of all beekeepers responding to last year’s winter loss surveys lost fewer than 15% of their hives – an acceptable rate. Sadly, however, another 25% of all beekeepers lost over 55% of their colonies. So what’s the difference? Why are some beekeepers losing a few colonies while others are losing so many? That question, in a nut shell, is the main question that the Bee Informed Partnership is trying to answer.

Visit the Bee Informed site and read more…

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