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Oregon Sustainable Beekeepers Meetings Topics Post

April 10, 2012

Here are a few ideas for meetings topics.

Nosema Ceranea – This is a new and poorly understood problem.  We could do a prevalence screening at the meeting if folks brought in 10-20 bees from each of several colonies.  We could go through lots of bees while other people blow hot air, and really get an idea of what the Nosema epidemic is like among our colonies.

Swarming and Swarm Prevention –  General discussion and different approaches depending on equipment style.

Recognition of Pests and Diseases, Looking for Trouble –  Aimed at the beginning beekeeper to learn to recognize when the colony has a problem before it is too late – and what to do about it.  Should cover Varroa, Nosema, Tracheal mites, AFB, Phorid fly?, viruses, wax moths, anything else we can think of.  Use of screened bottom boards as diagnostic tools.

Your turn…  suggest something in the comments!

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